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Peace of Mind Basic Smart Security System Includes:

Peace of Mind Basic Smart Security System

Peace of Mind Basic Smart Security System Includes:

As low as $11.96 a month for equipment

What You Get

Here’s what comes included with this security package

Smart Security Panel

The Edge Panel sets a new standard in form and function equipped with industry-leading built-in face recognition disarming. Not only is it easy on the eyes, it’s easy to use. With a brighter and larger screen and unparalleled noise and echo cancellation with two-way communication, this panel deliver exceptional security and control.

Pet Motion Detector

This wall mounted, wide-angle, wireless motion sensor is smart enough to identify pets vs human movement. Powered by lithium batteries for maximum battery life.

Surface Door / Window Sensor

These recessed contact sensors are designed to be used with doors and windows or other objects that open and close in your home. When the magnet sensor moves away or closer to the contact sensor, signals are sent to the control panel alerting you to activity.

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