Smart security. Made simple.

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IQ Motion Detector

More secure. It’s as simple as that.

Professional grade motion detector with encrypted wireless communication so your security system doesn’t get hacked.


  • S-Line encrypted technology protects wireless signal
  • Easily mounted on a flat surface or in a corner
  • Alerts IQ Panel if motion occurs within 30 feet
  • Detects human motion, pet immune up to 40 pounds
  • Use to trigger home automation in addition to security

Panel Compatibility

IQ Panel 2 319.5Mhz version IQ Panel 2+ 319.5Mhz version IQ Panel 4 319.5Mhz version


SKU: QS1231-840 Categories: , ,


Be more aware of what happens in your home

The motion detector is a basic building block of home security alarms. But it’s more than that. It’s a tool to monitor activity in your home. Used with’s sensor activity monitoring, this little device can set a world of smart home applications in motion.

Trigger home automation

Automatically turn on the lights when someone walks in the room. Or record a video clip. Get notified when someone enters a protected area.

Let a dog roam

Arm your system and let your small or medium size dog roam free without triggering an alarm thanks to pet immunity.

Detect intrusions with Chorus

If you’re going to use a security alarm, choose a professional grade motion detector with secure wireless communication, so you can be confident it will do its job.