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Frequently Asked Questions

You should test your system monthly. Please refer to your owner’s manual for instructions.

Yes, the back up power supply will keep the home protected for up to 24 hours.

Always call 911 first in the event of an emergency. If you cannot make the call, press the appropriate panic buttons, and Chorus will contact the necessary authorities for you.

Please call our customer service team (205) 431-3999 and we can assist you with that. 

We do have programs to move your service if you move into another home. Please contact our Customer Service Department (205) 431-3999

This means that the alarm system has lost power (electricity). Please check the outlet that the transformer is plugged into to see if it is operational. (You might just have a circuit breaker that needs to be reset.) If the outlet is working properly a service call is needed.

There could be several reasons for the system not being able to communicate. Problems with your phone service, malfunction of the system, etc. Please contact us so that we can evaluate the problem for you.

This method should only be used as a final alternative for disarming a system and clearing the problem. The battery that is located in the box in one of your closets must be unplugged (take both terminals off of the battery). You must then also remove the transformer that is plugged into one of your electrical outlets.

The system is telling you that one of your zones is open. You might have movement in front of a motion detector or one of your doors / windows might not be completely closed. If your alarm recently went off then the system needs to be cleared and then it will be ready to arm.

One of our trained customer service representatives might be able to solve your problem right over the phone. Please call customer service for assistance (205) 431-3999.

Please call our customer service team and they can assist you (205) 431-3999