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Pro Video

Maximize the security of your home or business with Chorus’ Pro Video Service. Get complete peace-of-mind knowing that you have 24/7 protection for your property and a powerful deterrent against potential dangers!

Investing in Pro Video services can be a game-changer for your home or business!

How Pro Video Can Help

Keep your space secure without lifting a finger by trusting in the reliable protection of our Virtual Security System. Its video surveillance and alarm monitoring are always on guard, ready to alert you at the first sign of an unwelcome intruder with strobe lights and loud sirens – notifying our experienced Video Command Center instantly! Feel comforted knowing that we’re watching out for you.

Remote Guard Tours

Protect your property from unauthorized guests and hazardous incidents with virtual guard tours! Catch unexpected issues like blocked exits or shoplifting attempts before they become serious problems, so you can maintain total security without any hassle. Keep an eye out for dangerous spills too – speedy responses make all the difference.

Video Verification of Alarm

Our Pro Video are the ultimate alarm-detectors, quickly spotting any events that require attention. With their help law enforcement and staff members can stay informed on all the important stuff – without ever having to worry about a misleading alert!

Opening and Closing Escorts

With our Pro Video service, you can relax knowing that your team is safe at all times. Our live video and audio tools are always keeping watch so you don’t have to worry when they come or go – give yourself the peace of mind that comes with total security!

AI-Based Anti-Loitering

Keep your store secure 24/7 with AI-enabled surveillance! Equip yourself with IP cameras that detect people or vehicles to prevent vandalism and ward off intruders. With customizable pre-recorded warnings, you’ll have the perfect tailored warning system for extra security after hours.

Operational Audits

Get the comfort of knowing your business is safe and sound, with a 24/7 virtual security guard keeping track. Receive clear evidence if any compliance or operational issues arise – no matter what time it is! With this trusted ally on call maintaining order in your digital kingdom, you can sleep easy at night.

On-Demand Monitoring

Keep everyone safe and sound with our Pro Video! Our 24/7 remote support will make sure business operations are secure, cash flow is managed properly, areas around the perimeter stay monitored and stocking routines go off without a hitch. Plus you’ll always be in-the-know for any rules that need to be followed—we’ve got your back!

Get ready to experience total situational awareness!

Proactive Security

You want the very best in security and a traditional system just won’t cut it. Say goodbye to false alarms, sluggish response times from police officers, and lack of faith in services – you can upgrade your protection with an efficient virtual guard for superior safety that will never let you down!

Proactive Security

Getting Started and Add Advanced Pro Video Services

The process is easy!


Tell us exactly what you need

With Pro Video services, you can unlock the key to improved security in no time. Just a few clicks and your safety will be taken up a notch!


We'll plan the perfect system for you

Our incredible team is here to offer you the best security package around. After a careful review, they’ll put together features that give your system unbeatable safeguards!


Enjoy Peace Of Mind!

Keep your home or business safe and sound with our comprehensive security system. We’ll customize layers of defense to make sure you have the ultimate protection for whatever matters most!

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No money down

Don’t let a security system price tag keep you from protecting your home.

With approved credit, you can for your system over time at highly competitive rates.   And there’s no need to worry about paying more for additional devices – you can add them to your system without paying anything extra today. So why wait? Invest in your home security today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home is safe and protected.

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