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Whole Home Wifi

With your home wifi, access the power of location-based technology as you move from room to room. Your devices will be seamlessly and securely connected with maximum signal strength all around your house!

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Enhanced Whole Home WiFi by eero

Chorus’ Enhanced Whole Home WiFi blankets your home in unstoppable, seamless internet. With multiple access points and TrueMesh technology, you’ll be able to work or play without worrying about slow speeds – no matter where you are!

No more buffering. No more dead zones.

Whole Home WiFi by eero

What is whole home wifi?

Enjoy effortless, lag-free connectivity throughout your home with Whole Home WiFi! These mesh networks are the perfect answer to ensuring that you have fast internet speeds no matter where you go in your space. With this easy solution, all of those annoying dead spots and long waits while waiting for pages to load will be a thing of the past.

Whole Home WiFi by eero

What are the benefits of a whole home wifi system?

Some benefits of the whole home wifi system include:

Custom coverage

Get the most out of your home internet with eero’s whole-home wifi system. With just one router, you can enjoy strong and reliable connections from any room in your house – whether it’s for streaming movies upstairs or browsing the web downstairs. No matter where life takes you within your home, stay connected all day long!

Easy network management

Keep your home secure and maximize the performance of all connected devices with Chorus Smart Wifi. With this revolutionary app, you have complete control to take a look at wifi signal strength, reboot your modem, update security settings – essentially putting total network protection right in the palm of your hand!

Fewer interferences

Say goodbye to dreaded wifi slowing down your streaming in the kitchen! With eero devices near, radio interferences and obstacles like mirrors or microwaves won’t stand a chance. Place one of those handy satellites stations right there – no more detours around pesky objects standing between you and smooth streaming bliss.

Location-based connections

As you go about your house, never worry again about connecting to the right Wi-Fi station; with a whole home system in place, it’ll automatically adjust for optimum performance as you travel from room to room. Get ready for seamless connectivity and reliable connections between all of your devices!


With this whole home system, you can rest assured that your network will remain strong and secure even if one of the nodes fails – as long as your central hub is still intact. Enjoy uninterrupted internet connection with complete peace of mind!

Dynamic Rerouting

With TrueMesh technology, your eero network is prepared for any disruption. Traffic intelligently reroutes seamlessly in the background to keep you connected – even if a pet knocks over one of the Beacons! Enjoy reliable internet access no matter what happens at home.

Ethernet Compatible

eeros provide a convenient way to bring fast, secure WiFi throughout your entire home. Connect with Ethernet in some locations for added robustness and create one strong network that meshes together – all controllable from the convenience of an easy-to-use app!

Whole Home WiFi by eero
One-router Model Isn’t Working

Trying to get your WiFi signal all over the house with just one router is like asking a tiny speaker in your living room to fill an entire mansion – it’s impossible! Even Einstein understood that walls block and weaken signals; trying to stream content from upstairs when your router is downstairs can quickly turn into hours of buffering agony.

WiFi That Actually Works
WiFi That Actually Works

Introducing Chorus’ eero: the revolutionary world’s first home WiFi system. Boasting a seamless set-up and groundbreaking performance, this innovative network of three devices covers every corner of your house in high speed and reliable internet access – no more buffering or lagging! With intuitive controls that get better with age, you can enjoy streaming movies from any room without ever having to move closer to the router—the days of subpar at-home WiFi are over thanks to eero!

Whole Home WiFi by eero
Control in the palm of your hand

Step into a world of seamless access, where you can do it all – enjoy films in the garden, work from anywhere at any time, and stay connected with family near or far. Your network is no longer an enigma: keep tabs on your speeds to ensure optimal performance wherever life takes you! With eero’s reliable connection technology and crystal-clear insights into every part of your digital experience – plus effortless setup – explore new possibilities like never before.

$299 Installed and Setup for Homeowners
Daniel arrived on time and completed the installation in a short amount of time. He was very thorough in explaining how to operate the system. He was also friendly and professional. I will definitely recommend this business to others.

Daniel arrived on time and completed the installation in a short amount of time. He was very thorough in explaining how to operate the system. He was also friendly and professional. I will definitely recommend this business to others.

Renee LeSure

Birmingham, Alabama

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