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Chorus Presents

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Welcome to the future of home water protection, brought to you by Chorus – a leading innovator in home automation and sustainability solutions. We’re proud to introduce The Water Dragon™, our revolutionary whole-home water protection system.

Wave Farewell to Expensive Water Damage!

Safeguard Your Home with The Water Dragon™

Marvel at the astonishing capacity of this compact but mighty device to identify leaks before they become severe issues, saving you from high-priced repairs. For a complete “DIY plumbing” solution, effortlessly pair the Water Dragon™ with a retrofit water valve like the IQ Water Valve. Together, they form an unmatched duo, delivering optimal convenience and unshakeable peace of mind.

Chorus Presents: The Water Dragon Whole Home Water Protection

One Solution, Total Protection

Water leaks and damages can often lead to costly repairs. But not anymore! The Water Dragon™ system is meticulously designed to prevent, detect, and mitigate any water damage in your home. It is your all-in-one water guardian, providing a new level of assurance.

Next-Generation Technology

Utilizing state-of-the-art AI and sensor technology, The Water Dragon™ monitors your entire home’s water supply, detecting even the smallest anomalies or leaks. In the event of any abnormal activity, the system immediately alerts you, allowing swift action and preventing potential damage.

Sustainable and Efficient

But The Water Dragon™ is not just about safety. It’s also about sustainability and efficiency. With its smart water usage tracking, the system helps you monitor and control your water consumption, contributing to a healthier planet and a lighter utility bill.

Chorus Presents: The Water Dragon Whole Home Water Protection

Unleash the Power of the Water Dragon™

Chorus - Harmonizing Technology with Life

Get peace of mind with The Water Dragon™ Whole Home Water Protection system. Experience smart, secure, and sustainable living like never before. With Chorus, you’re not just upgrading your home, you’re embracing the future. Don’t let your home be defenseless against water damage. Call on The Water Dragon™, and protect your castle today!

For more information, about The Water Dragon™ or any of our other products, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be delighted to answer your questions and guide you toward the perfect home automation solution for you.

We deliver Smart Security. Made Simple.; This happens through our approach to resolving the complexities of multiple platforms/apps while helping the Customer end a world-class home experience with connected smart products and home security via one app and platform that’s easy to use.

Award Winning Customer Support

Chorus was recognized as one of the top monitoring companies in the US, being awarded as the 2023 CMS Dealer of the Year.