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Job Site Security Solutions

Ensure the safety of your business with our advanced security solutions. From live video monitoring, GPS device tracking and wireless sensors to model home management systems – we have you covered! Our proactive strategy provides maximum protection from crime while law enforcement is contacted in times of need.

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New Technology – Cameras With Analytics

Prevent a Crime Before It Happens

Construction Sites

Our cutting-edge live video surveillance solutions are designed to capture happening as they occur in real time, providing a powerful tool for security and peace of mind.

Shopping Centers

Our cutting-edge shopping center monitoring services give you the power to keep tabs on your site in real time and voice down warnings when undesirables are identified, so that they know help is coming soon.

Auto Dealerships & Parking Lots

Let us safeguard your business, ensuring comprehensive protection of all areas – from the perimeter and parking lots to access points, buildings, service lanes and showrooms.

Office Buildings

Our state-of-the art video surveillance solutions provide a live feed of events, so you never miss a critical moment. With instantaneous detection and response capabilities, there’s no need to worry about what might have been missed!

Self-Storage Units

Our innovative video surveillance solutions ensure your self-storage property is securely monitored, while also increasing occupancy rates and reducing operating expenses.

Apartment Complexes

Protecting tenants’ wellbeing is paramount to achieving successful outcomes in multi-family residential investments. Maximum rental rates and low vacancy levels – factors which help build value within the market – depend on residents feeling secure, safe, and comfortable while living there.

jobsite security

We Help Prevent

Video monitoring is an effective way of preserving your peace of mind; it can detect and deter burglars, vandals, or any other criminals before serious consequences arise.

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Improve Everyday Business Operations

Artificial Intelligence

Our integrated video surveillance monitoring system leverages AI and machine learning to ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

Rapid Response

Don’t just solve crime, proactively deter it before it happens. Our video surveillance monitoring system triggers audio and visual deterrents within 24 seconds of a detected intrusion. We spook trespassers away before they can cause harm.

Smart Search

Our remote video surveillance monitoring system immediately tags every piece of footage, which makes pulling clips for later reference fast and easy.

Mobile App

View any of your camera feeds anytime, anywhere right on your mobile device thanks to our state-of-the-art Mobile App.

Equipment Health Monitoring

We frequently monitor the health of your cameras to ensure your video surveillance infrastructure is online when needed most. You’ll never have to worry about unexpected or prolonged outages – putting your assets at risk.

Solar Power Available

Whether your property is a downtown construction site or a rural ranch, get the security you need with our temporary and permanent solutions (solar and wired units available).

How Our Remote Surveillance Works

Cameras Detect

Cameras stream within seconds to local AI to detect potential threats.


With Chorus on the job, you can enjoy total peace of mind knowing your assets are in safe hands. Our vigilant team stands guard 24/7, ready to alert and protect against any criminal activity – from intruders and vandals to whatever other unwelcome visitors may come along.

Instant Response

Guards can engage potential criminals with two-way audio and contact police within seconds, not minutes.

jobsite security

GPS Device Tracker

GPS Fleet Tracking

Take away the hours searching for your Assets

GPS Fleet Tracking

Model Home Security Solutions


Wireless LTE Security Sensors

LTE Security Contacts, No Power Needed!

jobsite security

We deliver Smart Security. Made Simple.; This happens through our approach to resolving the complexities of multiple platforms/apps while helping the Customer end a world-class home experience with connected smart products and home security via one app and platform that’s easy to use.

Award Winning Customer Support

Chorus was recognized as one of the top monitoring companies in the US, being awarded as the 2023 CMS Dealer of the Year.