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Smart Security

When it comes to your family’s safety, you want protection that you can rely on.  Expertly installed security systems, customized for your home, and backed by our world-class customer service.

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Trusted Birmingham Home Security Systems with Protection You Can Count On

Chorus security puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to keeping your property and family safe. Home automation allows you go further, adding smart thermostat controls, light controllers and cameras – all easily monitored remotely with complete visibility whenever life takes you away from home. Plus our alarm monitoring will provide 24/7 peace of mind so that no matter where adventure leads, everything important is always securely taken care of!0

Know who's there

Know who's there

See who or what is at your door and talk to them from anywhere. With motion-activated alerts, you always know when someone’s there, no matter if they ring the bell.

Home awareness starts with a video doorbell.

Real time notifications

Your smart security system connects to all the security and smart devices in your home to provide 24/7 live updates straight to your smart device and security panel. Linking your system to your smart phone is easy, our Service Professionals handle it all for you.

Real time notifications
Unexpected activity alerts

Unexpected activity alerts

Your system works proactively to monitor your home. By tracking everyday routines in your home, it can alert you to unusual activity. Alerts are triggered by cameras or sensors in your home, including contact sensors on doors and windows, and motion sensors. So, if your backdoor randomly opens at 5:30 AM on a Saturday you’ll be the first to know.

Affordable Professional Monitoring

Our systems have the option to be covered with 24/7 professional monitoring services. In emergencies, your monitoring service will alert you, local police, fire, or emergency medical services of the threat. False alarm protection allows you to cancel the alert when dinner is overcooked.

Professional 24/7 monitoring
Custom user lists

Custom user lists

Add family and friends to your digital list of permitted users. Everyone gets a unique password and user specific permissions for what they can see or do in the system. Facial recognition is built into our advanced security panels for quick hands-free entry.

Professionally installed. Customer focused.

Our security and automation products are designed with your convenience in mind.

Chours SmartScure smart security

Whole Home Protection

whole home protection compressor copy

Protect on The Go.

Secure your home and take control of its features – from the convenience of your phone! Equip yourself with a robust security system and personalize everything, like lights, locks, cameras…you name it.

keep an eye compressor 1

Security Cameras

Step into the world of 21st-century living – where you have unprecedented access to constant monitoring and security. Whether it’s keeping an eye on things inside or outside your home, all that’s needed is a glance at your smartphone!

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Smart Safety Features

Keep your home safe and secure with Chorus’s amazing smart safety features. From fire detectors to water sensors, thermostats you can control from anywhere – we have it all!

Frequently Asked Questions

That’s okay! We have pet sensitive motion detectors that work to make sure your family friend doesn’t set off your alarm when you’re sleeping or away.

It is compatible with iPhone or Android. We can set you up with the apps you need to watch over and control your house or commercial property. All at your fingertips.

Yes it will! There are a couple of ways this can save you money. First off, if you ask your insurance company there is a good chance they will give you a discount of up to 20% just for having a burglar alarm system. Second, you can control your thermostat as well as other appliances from your phone. The average person can spend over $7,000 a month on utilities and household costs. If you manage your energy right, saving money will be a breeze. Not to mention avoiding the potential of the costs of getting robbed.

Our service doesn’t just protect and control your home. It also protects you from identity theft. Some reports say that identity theft is the fastest growing crime in America and up to 19 fall people victim a minute.

We monitor our systems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Just give us a call or fill out the form below. We’ll run a credit check and if you pass and you own your home we’ll schedule and appointment at your earliest convenience.

Daniel arrived on time and completed the installation in a short amount of time. He was very thorough in explaining how to operate the system. He was also friendly and professional. I will definitely recommend this business to others.

Daniel arrived on time and completed the installation in a short amount of time. He was very thorough in explaining how to operate the system. He was also friendly and professional. I will definitely recommend this business to others.

Renee LeSure

Birmingham, Alabama