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Power G Shock Sensor Window Contact

Security against force or finesse

Professional grade encrypted door/window sensor with a built-in adjustable shock sensor.


  • PowerG encrypted technology protects wireless signal
  • Multichannel, Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum technology
  • Detect Doors and Windows opening.
  • Built in shock sensor which detects attacks on glass
  • High immunity to background vibrations
  • Up to five years of battery life

Panel Compatibility

IQ Panel 2+ IQ Panel 4


SKU: PG9935 Categories: , ,


Double your protection

With a built-in reed switch and optional shock sensor, this contact can monitor when your door or window opens and closes, as well as monitor for brute force attempts to break glass on the door or window.

Monitor everywhere

With extreme range roughly 4 times that of other sensors on the IQ Panel 2+, PowerG wireless sensors cover distant areas with no need for signal repeaters.

Power when it is needed

PowerG sensors use adaptive transmission power which preserves battery life by only transmitting with the right amount of power.

Trigger home automation

Automatically turn on the lights when a door opens. Or record a video clip. Adjust the thermostat when a door or window was left open.

Detect intrusions with Surety

If you’re going to use a security alarm, choose a professional grade sensor with secure wireless communication so you can be confident it will do it’s job.

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