Life Safety

Proactive Safeguards

Relying on your neighbors to monitor your home is unreliable . Protect your home and family with monitored smoke and heat detection.


Get fire alerts, unlock doors for first responders, and turn off the air from the Chorus app.

Connected Detectors

Carbon monoxide is a dangerous, odorless, and poisoning gas. Carbon monoxide detectors alert you when it is unsafe to be in your home.


Get alerted when levels of carbon monoxide are unsafe to be in your home and let in emergency services from the Chorus app.

Wellness Solutions

Using discreet wireless sensors, wellness tracks activity and wellness indicators, giving caregivers real-time insight into each client’s current conditions as well as potential emergent problems. Know when your loved one wakes up, leaves the house, goes to bed, and many other daily activities. Use Personal Emergency Response (PERS) pendants to give senior adults that extra resource to improve their well-being and independence.