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External Probe for PG9905

The PGTemp-probe is an 11ft long, weather-proof, external probe that can be attached to the PG9905. This allows the PG9905, an indoor sensor, to be used to cover a wider range of temperatures. The temperature limit with the probe is -22°F to 158°F.

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SKU: PGTEMP-PROBE Categories: , ,


The PGTemp-Probe from DSC is used with the PG9905 wireless temperature sensor. The DSC PG9905 PowerG 915MHZ Wireless Temperature Detector is designed for indoor use only and is not weatherproof or made for use in extreme temperatures.

The PGTemp-Probe will wire into the PG9905 and let you monitor temperatures in a freezer so that you can monitor if it is staying within the proper temperature range. This would be ideal for not only homes but for stores as well.

Another use for the PGTemp-Probe would be to monitor the outside temperature of a home or a business. Using this in conjunction with the DSC NEO one could use it to trigger the programmable outputs on the NEO to turn on an external device such as a heater. If you’re using the NEO with Interactive Services w/ Home Automation support, one could use this to raise or lower the temperature in the building by having a Z-Wave thermostat adjust when the temperature drops or rises to a certain temperature range.

The probe measures 11′ long. The wire leads coming off of the probe are 6″ and you can extend this by adding your own wire.

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