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Unlocking Security: How Video Analytics Enhances Access Control Systems

Unlocking Security: How Video Analytics Enhances Access Control Systems

Unlocking Security: How Video Analytics Enhances Access Control System

Video Analytics: Enhancing Access Control

When it comes to home security, access control is a crucial aspect that ensures only authorized individuals can enter your property. Traditionally, access control systems rely on physical measures like locks, keys, and access cards. However, with advancements in technology, video analytics has emerged as a powerful tool to enhance access control systems. Chorus recognizes the value of this technology and integrates video analytics into their comprehensive smart home security system to provide an extra layer of protection. Let’s explore how video analytics can enhance access control and improve the overall security of your home.

Real-Time Monitoring and Alerts

Video analytics utilizes intelligent algorithms to analyze live video feeds from surveillance cameras. By leveraging this technology, Chorus’ system can detect and recognize individuals, vehicles, or objects in real-time. When it comes to access control, video analytics can be used to monitor entry points such as doors, gates, and garages. It can accurately identify and differentiate between authorized individuals and potential intruders, sending instant alerts to homeowners or security personnel if any unauthorized access attempts are detected. This immediate notification allows for prompt action to be taken, ensuring the safety and security of your home.

Enhancing Security with Attention-Grabbing Deterrence

Discover how Perimeter Guard™ by Chorus utilizes sound alerts and flashing LED lights to deter suspicious behavior. Set up tripwire or ground zone-based recording rules with customizable sound alert tones, volume, and duration to discourage uninvited guests. Elevate your home security with attention-grabbing deterrence features and enjoy enhanced peace of mind.

Stay Aware and Secure with Video Doorbells and People Detection

 Unlocking Security: How Video Analytics Enhances Access Control Systems

Chorus’ video doorbells leverage the power of Video Analytics to provide a clear view of who’s at your door, even without ringing the bell. Benefit from rapid People Detection technology, ensuring you receive timely alerts for all visitors, whether they are expected or not. Stay vigilant and maintain control over your home security with’s advanced video doorbells.

Clear Vision Day and Night: See Every Detail with High-Resolution Video and Infrared Night Vision

Experience an expansive field of view and high-resolution video with our advanced doorbell camera, allowing you to see everything at your door with utmost clarity. Benefit from infrared night vision technology, ensuring a clear view of your entryways even in complete darkness. Enjoy round-the-clock visibility and enhanced peace of mind with our state-of-the-art doorbell camera solution.


Video analytics has revolutionized access control systems, providing enhanced security and convenience for homeowners. By incorporating this technology into their comprehensive smart home security system, Chorus ensures that access control goes beyond physical measures. Real-time monitoring, facial recognition, tailgating detection, and behavioral analysis all work together to create a robust and intelligent access control solution. With video analytics, you can have greater peace of mind knowing that your home is protected by advanced security measures that accurately identify and respond to potential threats. Invest in Chorus’ smart home security system to benefit from the power of video analytics and enhance your home’s access control.  Contact Chorus today to learn more (205) 431-3999.  


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