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How to throw a Covid-Safe Backyard Party in 2021

How to throw a Covid-Safe Backyard Party in 2021

Summer activities are in full swing, but, unfortunately, so is the threat posed by COVID-19. While concerts and sporting events are not an entertainment option at the moment, we would like to pause to celebrate an underappreciated cure for cabin fever and social isolation: your backyard.

Hosting a get together in 2020 requires a little extra planning none of us would have imagined a year ago. Research shows COVID-19 spreads easily, and it’s dangerous. If you have a small gathering, each person will have a different level of concern about the pandemic. There will also be individuals who have chronic conditions that put them at greater risk than the general population. Develop a plan for your backyard gathering that protects everyone invited, while avoiding the ultimate backyard party faux pas: politics.

With a little planning and forethought, a backyard party can be a great option for safely connecting with friends and family. Here are our Top 11 tips for throwing the ultimate small backyard party in 2020.

#1: Party Outside

Host your guests outside. This is the key to a successful get together in 2020. Confined spaces, recirculated air, and prolonged exposure bring the greatest risk of transmission.

#2: Masks

When not eating or drinking, experts recommend you wear a mask. This is especially important when guests go inside to use the restroom or grab something from the kitchen.

Look for opportunities to make masks fun. You could provide masks that have a theme appropriate to each guest, or tell your guests in advance you are giving an award to whoever brings the best mask.

#3: Social Distancing

Plan for a little more space than you would normally allow. Arrange seating where people who don’t live together can share relaxing conversations with six feet of separation. This will help put your guests at ease so they can enjoy the evening.

#4: Music

There is nothing like some summer tunes to get the good times going. Set the volume at a level that allows natural conversations. The music should be loud enough for everyone to smile when a favorite song comes on, but not so loud that your guests have trouble conversing at a normal volume.

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#5: Food and Drink

Plan a menu using prepared small plates and bowls. Avoid common serving bowls and utensils. Serve drinks in cans or bottles. You can even ask guests to BYOB (safety first!). If you are serving wine, get some fun wine markers to avoid confusion about whose glass is whose.

#6: Grills and Thrills

Good news, it’s fine to use the same grill. Just be sure to use separate utensils and ask that everyone keep an appropriate distance when cooking.

#7: Utensils

Speaking of utensils, some of your guests may prefer to bring their own. Still, keep a batch of forks, spoons, knives, etc. on a separate table for any guests who may need them.

#8: Bathrooms

When you gotta go, you gotta, you know, go. That said, offer the use of a bathroom that requires minimal travel through your house, and be sure the facilities are well stocked with soap, TP, and disposable towels.

#9: Hand Sanitizer and Wipes

Another sign of the times is hand sanitizer. Wipes, too. In the event of a gathering, it’s a good idea to have one or both at each table.

#10: Bug Spray

Coronavirus isn’t the only bug you’re trying to keep at bay. Like outdoor gatherings during more normal times, mosquitoes and other uninvited guests may try to spoil the fun. Provide each guest with a small bottle of bug spray. They can keep it as a party favor from your “2020 Outdoors Party.” Because we all want to remember 2020, right?

#11: Clean Up

Disposable items may be the best way to go during the pandemic. Items like paper plates and napkins, as well as plastic utensils, will require less handling during clean up. Still, there may be some items that will need to be handled and cleaned, so be careful. You might even choose to use gloves.

Safety First, Last, and Always

Need a little more info about safety measures? Check with your county, parish, or state health department, or visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website.

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