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Essential Features of Home Security Systems: Your Family’s Security

Essential Features of Home Security Systems: Your Family's Security

A home security system serves as a guardian, offering protection for your loved ones and valuable possessions. Beyond security, it can even save you money, as many insurers provide discounts to homeowners with professionally monitored systems. However, not all home security systems are created equal. We’re not here to endorse any particular brand, but we’ll highlight the essential features your system should possess to ensure it effectively safeguards your family.

1. Master Control Panel:

Consider the master control panel the heart of your system. It should be easily accessible and user-friendly. Ideally, it should also offer remote arming and disarming capabilities for added convenience.

2. Professional Alarm Monitoring:

Your security system doesn’t work in isolation. Typically, signals are sent to professional dispatchers who monitor the system. Ensure you choose a reputable monitoring service. Additionally, having buttons that can directly alert the police and fire department is a valuable feature.

3. Window, Door Sensors & Motion Detectors:

Window and door sensors that are integrated into the system help keep tabs on entry and exit activities in the home.  When the system is armed, the opening of a door or window will activate a notification.   The best security systems are proactive. Motion detectors should activate smart lights when they detect movement, often serving as a deterrent to potential burglars.

4. SmartPhone Access:

Accessibility is key. You should be able to access and program your system from any location. Ensure that the system you purchase can be controlled from a smart-phone app.

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5. Wireless Capability:

Wireless systems are easier to install, especially on existing homes.  Just make sure that you change the batteries regularly.  

6. Heat and Carbon Sensors:

Early detection of fires is critical. Heat and carbon monoxide sensors are designed to identify the early signs of a fire, providing early alerts that can prevent extensive damage.

7. Back-up Power:

During power outages caused by storms or natural disasters, your system must stay operational. A battery backup for your keypad ensures continued functionality.

8. Yard and Window Signs:

Essential Features of Home Security Systems: Your Family's Security 

Visible signs indicating that your property is protected can act as a powerful deterrent against potential burglars.

9. Wireless Entry Controls:

A compact remote control that fits on your key ring is a practical addition. It should ideally include a “panic” button for immediate notification of emergency services.

10. Video:

Video technologies have made significant advances in the last decade.  Consider including a video doorbell or external video cameras to keep tabs on activities outside your home. 

Investing in a home security system with these essential features is a proactive step toward ensuring your family’s safety. To learn more about enhancing your home’s security, contact Chorus today at (205) 431-3999. Your family’s security is our priority.

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