Catch Santa on Your Smart Home Security Camera

Catch Santa on Your Smart Home Security Camera

Quick Reflection on 2020

2020 has been a tough year for people of all ages. Kids have been separated from friends, school, and after-school activities. Adults and parents have adapted to working from kitchen tables, cooking more than usual, Zoom-fatigue, and ordering way too many items online. Christmas 2020 may not be celebrated with all of the traditions that we are used to, but that is okay. It is a time to make new ones, and Chorus wants to help bring a little more joy to your family this Christmas. How would you like to catch Santa this year?

Want to Catch Santa?

For years children have dreamed of catching Santa delivering their gifts under the Christmas tree, and every year they fall asleep before he arrives. Then they wake up to cookie crumbs, an empty glass of milk, and gifts under the tree. This year we can help your family catch the man in red. With’s Santa Security feature you can bring joy to the hearts of your little ones with a digital photo of Santa delivering gifts in or around your home.

Here’s how to Catch Santa:


1: Open the app.

Select the live video feed from one of your cameras.

2: Tap the Santa Icon

Tap the Santa icon in the video feed to get a still image from your security camera.

3: Choose a Santa

From the menu select the Santa you think fits best to add to your snapshot. You can customize your Santa for day or night, resize accordingly, and move the image if necessary.

4: Spread Joy

When your children wake you up Christmas morning, show them your snapshot.

5: Share the Magic

Share your Santa snapshots with family and friends by email, text, and social media (hashtag: #SantaSecurity).

*Note: to catch Santa in or around your home, you will need the latest version of the app and a compatible home security camera. To check if your camera is compatible, open the app, and look for a Santa icon in the top right corner of the camera’s live video feed.

Remember to reach out to loved ones and stay safe this Holiday Season!