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Your Home is Smarter than You Think

Your Home is Smarter than You Think

Twenty years ago, a home was just a home. Now your home can be so technologically in sync that we’ve recognized its intelligence in the name “SmartHome.”

The Wonders of a SmartHome

We now have tools that save time and energy by handing over critical tasks to our technologically-advanced home. Home automation is the latest trend in the IoT (Internet of Things). It uses internet-connected devices to automate household actions based on the homeowner’s preferences.

So, what exactly does a SmartHome look like?

Thermostats control the temperature remotely, and can even learn your temperature patterns and self-adjust when you are away. This feature can save money on your electricity bill and prepare a “warm” welcome when you return home. New door locks and garage door openers can be controlled from an app, ensuring you never have to worry that you forgot to lock your door. Alarm systems allow you to arm and disarm the house when you are away. Virtual assistants can answer questions, play music, and remember birthdays – just by responding to your voice. Camera and video doorbells tell you who is at the front door. Your home can control the lights, open the blinds, preheat the oven, water the lawn – the possibilities are endless.

But what good is a SmartHome if it makes your life harder?

Home Should Be Smart AND Simple

You might be able to control parts of your home from the convenience of your phone, but how many apps are required? How many logins do you have to remember? No matter what your home is capable of, if it’s too complicated to manage, it isn’t smart.

Chorus can help you turn an “almost smart” home into a SmartHome. Instead of managing a bunch of individual smart devices, you can consolidate your SmartHome functions in a single app! You can build custom integrations to have your smart devices work together with coordination and preset scenes. With these custom scenes, the press of a single button can initiate a series of actions. For example, you can create a scene that ends your day by turning off all lights, locking the front door, shutting down devices, setting the house alarm, and adjusting the temperature down a few degrees for the perfect night’s sleep. Instead of having an app for everything, you can have ONE APP for everything!

Your home can reach new levels of intelligence with the right technology and integration. These smart features save energy and money, offer added security, and make your home a little more entertaining.

SmartSecure Your SmartHome

Chorus SmartSecure offers SmartHome services such as professional security monitoring, energy management, custom Audio/Visual home entertainment systems, and more!

To start connecting these custom features for a smarter home, contact us today!

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We deliver Smart Security. Made Simple.; This happens through our approach to resolving the complexities of multiple platforms/apps while helping the Customer end a world-class home experience with connected smart products and home security via one app and platform that’s easy to use.

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Chorus was recognized as one of the top monitoring companies in the US, being awarded as the 2023 CMS Dealer of the Year.