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The 3 most common video cameras for home security

The 3 most common video cameras for home security


It’s no secret that video cameras are one of the most sought after items in the SmartHome security market. How popular are they? According to a recent article BusinessWire, nearly 72 million security cameras were purchased in 2021.

At Chorus, we’ve found that more and more customers are asking for different types of security cameras for their SmartHome system – especially when they can easily integrate them with their SmartHome app. Here are the three most popular types of cameras that our customers have been asking for.

video doorbell


#1 – Doorbell cameras

From DIY to professionally installed, Americans spent nearly $692 million on doorbell cameras in 2021, and industry analysts are saying that number will continue to grow.

There’s also something addictive about always being able to see what’s going on at your front door, from the latest Amazon package getting delivered to the pesky next door neighbor kid asking to get in your back yard to get his baseball. The other most convenient time? The middle of the night. If you’re lying in bed and think you hear something, it’s much easier to grab your phone and see the raccoon at your front door than it is to get dressed, grab a baseball bat, and open the door full of sleepiness and uncertainty.

But better still, these easy to use security cameras give our customers peace of mind in always being able to access what’s going on at the front door of their house.




#2 – Outdoor cameras

The next SmartHome security camera on the list is an obvious choice: the outdoor security camera. Similar to the doorbell camera, outdoor security cameras give you peace of mind in knowing what’s going on outside your home no matter the time of day or night.

Another top usage? We’ve heard from several customers who use these outdoor security cameras to watch their swimming pools. It’s helped people know when their kids are using the pool or to see if the reason your filter keeps clogging is the dog taking an afternoon dip.

Regardless, with the integration into the app, outdoor security cameras are a powerful way to upgrade your home security system to give you ideal visibility around your home, whether you’re there or away.



adc v523 Indoor Camera 052319 01 480x480#3 – Indoor cameras

Coming in at number three for the most popular types of video security cameras is the indoor camera. Customers have a wide range of ways they like to use these, many of which are focused more on peace of mind than security.

The first and most popular reason people a security camera inside their home is to keep an eye on kids while you’re away. If you’re sweating leaving your middle schooler home alone for a few minutes while you run to the store, these cameras give parents significant peace of mind in knowing that they can keep an eye on their kids. In addition, parents love these for date night and there’s a babysitter at the house. It just helps give you a little more visibility into what’s going on at home.

Next on the list? Pets. Everyone with a dog or cat wonders what they’re up to during the day while you’re at work. An indoor security camera can help you keep an eye on your pets and help you settle once and for all which dog keeps getting in the trash can.

And finally, homeowners love indoor cameras to be able to monitor work that’s being done on their home. If you have a contractor or service professional in the home, there’s extra comfort in knowing you can see what’s going on.

Regardless of which camera you would like to use, security cameras are a great way to upgrade your security system and give you the confidence to know whats going on at your home, inside and out.


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