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Qolsys IQ Water Valve- Power G

The PowerG IQ Water Valve is a Z-wave device used to remotely actuate a water valve in your home. The unit itself attaches to your incoming water line to your home on a ball valve, and once connected to your Z-wave network can be used to control the water into your home by actuating the valve. The IQ Water Valve does NOT work with gate valves, so be sure to check the type of valve your home water lines use. Check the manual below for the IQ Water Valve if you need a visual on the valve types. The unit also requires an outlet nearby the valve the that it is attached to for AC power.


SKU: IQWV908-KIT-PG Categories: ,


In addition to the IQ Water Valve, this kit also includes 2 PG9985 PowerG flood detectors that will pair with your IQ panel or DSC NEO system. These can be used as normal flood sensors for the system, or if you have automation you can use the flood sensors as triggers for when the IQ Water Valve needs to shut the valve. This makes the IQ Water Valve a much more affordable option for water management in your home compared to some home water automation setups.

Connecting the IQ Water Valve is a simple process, all you need to do is close the water valve, place the unit over the valve, and secure it to the pipe using the leg clamps. Once placed on the water valve and powered up, a few presses of the button on the front face will have your IQ Water Valve installed and ready to enroll on your Z-wave network. When using automation, rules can be created to control when the IQ Water Valve will close your water line and may be controlled independently through the app.