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Qolsys IQ Carbon Monoxide Detector

More reliable. Professionally monitored.

When lives are on the line we choose reliability over glamour. The IQ carbon monoxide detector is simple, reliable, and preferred by security alarm and safety professionals.


  • Does one thing – detects CO – and does it really well
  • Fire department dispatched when carbon monoxide is detected
  • Install in ideal CO locations, separate from smoke detectors
  • Automatic notifications to your phone such as low battery alerts
  • Reliable cellular communication does not depend on spotty WIFI


SKU: QS5210-840 Categories: ,


24/7 professional monitoring sends the fire department

It sounds silly but some flashy and expensive “smart” carbon monixide detectors can’t do the single most important thing you need after sounding an audible alarm – call the fire department. With Surety professional monitoring the IQ Carbon sends the fire department whether you’re away from home, unconsious, or unaware of the presence of gas.

Life safety devices should not depend on WIFI

Connects through cellular so it’s more reliable and doesn’t depend on WIFI. Add WIFI in addition to cellular for maximum reliability with dual path communication.

Smart home, not smart CO detector

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. It’s time to stop thinking about smart detectors and start thinking about what carbon monoxide detection looks like in a truly smart home. CO detectors should detect CO. With Surety, the intelligence in the system.

Carbon monoxide is invisible and odorless

You can’t see or smell carbon monoxide. The IQ Carbon can. This is especially useful in homes with high risk of gas leaks from appliances such as stoves and furnaces.

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