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Deluxe security package

Never miss a beat with an upgraded touchscreen panel, outdoor video, and life safety additions.

Deluxe security package

Package Overview

Expertly installed and professionally monitored 24/7 for the ultimate sense of security. Upgraded security panel, hidden flush mount door sensors, outdoor camera, and life safety smoke and carbon monoxide detectors the Deluxe Package has it all. Get real-time alerts and live monitoring of all your security devices on your phone no matter where you are.

Designed for homes and apartments 4,000 square feet and up.


  • iOS/Android Smart Phone App
  • 1 Doorbell Camera Plus
  • 1 Security Panel Plus
  • 3 Flush Door Sensors
  • 1 Motion Sensor
  • 1 Door Lock
  • 1 Outdoor Camera
  • 1 Smoke Detector
  • 1 Carbon Monoxide Detector
  • Video Analytics

What You Get

Here's what comes included with this security package

Smart Security Panel Plus

The Edge Panel sets a new standard in form and function equipped with industry-leading built-in face recognition disarming. Not only is it easy on the eyes, it’s easy to use. With a brighter and larger screen and unparalleled noise and echo cancellation with two-way communication, this panel deliver exceptional security and control.

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Push Button Deadbolt

The Yale Assure Smart Deadbolt gives you remote access to your front door like never before. Create different passcodes for keyless entry and log each code's use from your smart phone app. This doorbell wirelessly connects to your smart security system and integrates easily. Contact Chorus to learn more.

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Smoke Detector

The 2GIG smoke detector acts as a normal smoke detector that can alert you while you’re away from your home. Paired with a security panel, this detector can be configured and monitored from your phone.

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Carbon Monoxide Detector

The wireless carbon monoxide detector is designed for indoor use, to detect CO gas. If a deadly amount of CO gas is detected, the wireless carbon monoxide detector will communicate with the control panel and sound the alarm. Powered by lithium batteries for maximum battery life, and its armed with low battery sensor and an end-of-life notification.

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Video Doorbell Plus

The Slim Line II Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera lets you know who is at your door and why, 24/7. Featuring two-way audio, a stored live feed, and smart notifications, the Slim Line II will give you peace of mind when you’re not at home. This doorbell has camera, motion sensor, microphone, and speaker, giving you the power to answer the door and speak from your security system app.

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Outdoor Security Camera

This Wi-Fi enabled outdoor camera provides high definition live footage of activity outside your home. With a wide field of view and night vision, you’ll never have to worry about what’s happening just outside. The ADC-V723 can be paired with an stream recorder to store 24/7 recordings or with’s cloud storage subscription. Contact us to learn more.

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Motion Detector

This wall mounted, wide-angle, wireless motion sensor is smart enough to identify pets vs human movement. Powered by lithium batteries for maximum battery life.

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Flush Door Sensor

Flush mounted sensors are sleek and secure necessity for modern homes. Hiding in the frame of a window or door, these sensors communicate with your security panel to alert you when opened.

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