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Power G Wireless Motion Sensor

The Power G Wireless Motion Detector uses its Advanced True Motion Recognition algorithm to differentiate between intruders and other disturbances. Know more about what’s happening. No more guessing. Not only that, but it features pet-immunity Target Specific Imaging which distinguishes between humans and pets weighing up to 85 lb. Keep your home safe, without the hassle of false alarms caused by your pets.

  • Motion and temperature detection in a single device
  • Built-in PowerG leading-edge wireless intrusion technology
  • Battery lasts 6-8 years with typical use

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SKU: PG9914 Categories: , , ,

We deliver Smart Security. Made Simple.; This happens through our approach to resolving the complexities of multiple platforms/apps while helping the Customer end a world-class home experience with connected smart products and home security via one app and platform that’s easy to use.

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Chorus was recognized as one of the top monitoring companies in the US, being awarded as the 2023 CMS Dealer of the Year.