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Life Safety

Keep your family safe with smoke, gas, and flood detection devices.

Woman operating burning oven, overlaid with phone alert

Fire and CO detectors

Standard smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are great for alerting you while you’re at home of danger, but what about when you’re away? Our detectors communicate with your alarm system alerting you and emergency services, if required, no matter where you are.

With origin detection notifications, you and your family will know locations to avoid during an emergency evacuation.

Kitchen sink with overlay of app notification

Water leak detectors

Water leaks can quickly turn into costly home repairs. Some leaks are slow and hidden from our daily life causing damage over time. With wireless water leak detectors, receive system alerts when moisture is detected in these vulnerable places.

Other leaks may start small and turn into floods while we are away or before we can reach the water valve. With water leak detectors and Smart Water Valve + Meter devices, your system can automatically detect and shut off the water supply to prevent further damage.

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