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Smart Security

Expertly installed, customized for your home, and backed by our world-class customer service.

Know who's there

See who or what is at your door and talk to them from anywhere. With motion-activated alerts, you always know when someone’s there, no matter if they ring the bell.

Home awareness starts with a video doorbell.

Real time notifications

Your smart security system connects to all the security and smart devices in your home to provide 24/7 live updates straight to your smart device and security panel. Linking your system to your smart phone is easy, our Service Professionals handle it all for you.

Unexpected activity alerts

Your system works proactively to monitor your home. By tracking everyday routines in your home, it can alert you to unusual activity. Alerts are triggered by cameras or sensors in your home, including contact sensors on doors and windows, and motion sensors. So, if your backdoor randomly opens at 5:30 AM on a Saturday you’ll be the first to know.

Professional 24/7 monitoring

Our systems have the option to be covered with 24/7 professional monitoring services. In emergencies, your monitoring service will alert you, local police, fire, or emergency medical services of the threat. False alarm protection allows you to cancel the alert when dinner is overcooked.

Custom user lists

Add family and friends to your digital list of permitted users. Everyone gets a unique password and user specific permissions for what they can see or do in the system. Facial recognition is built into our advanced security panels for quick hands-free entry.

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