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Smart Home

The more devices you add, the more you can do – and it’s always simple and easy to use. Manage your home all from one app and intuitive smart security system.

All-in-one app

Ditch all those different home automation apps and upgrade to a single app with Chorus to connect, control, and customize your home security and automation seamlessly.

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Prowling intruder caught on camera

Keep intruders away

Exterior lights automatically turn on when video analytics detects a person outside at night. Worried notifications and lights being triggered by an animal? Rest easy, our smart cameras can distinguish people from animals.

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Woman viewing video analytics on a phone

Take full control of your front door

With a video doorbell and smart lock working in tandem, you have full remote control of your front door! See, talk, and grant access for certain to visitors - all from your smart device. Need to secure an expensive delivery? Allow temporary access for the delivery person to leave it inside. Running late because of an extended meeting and need to let guests in? No problem, with two-way audio greet and grant access remotely from the office.

Woman setting thermostat temperature remotely

Total Climate Control

Not only do you save more with an ENERGY STAR® certified smart thermostat you also get the added convenience of your thermostat adapting to your daily routines. Your smart thermostat adjusts when you arm your security system, arrive home, or leave the office. Save on costly damages from HVAC malfunctions with notifications of extreme temperatures.

Woman controlling lighting while reading to a child

Setting the scene

Make daily routines simpler with Scenes. Ready to go to bed? Just say the word to activate your customized sleep Scene. Your system can automatically arm itself, turn off interior lights, turn exterior lights on, adjust the thermostat, lock the doors, and even lower the shades.

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