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About Us

Chorus offers fully integrated smart technology solutions for residential and commercial customers.

Smart home security just got simpler

At Chorus, we believe that serving customers well starts with understanding those customers. We know there’s significant peace of mind that comes from having a professional install your security system rather than the confusion or frustration of having to do it yourself. That’s why we do it for you – every single bit of it. That way you can rest assured that your home is secured.

And as technology changes, it’s important to make sure your home is protected by the most up-to-date security options out there. Which is exactly why we install systems that work together will other smart home technologies, giving you one seamless system to help you control everything from your front doorbell to your lights to your thermostat.

We work every day to serve our customers by making smart home security easy-to-use, intuitive to your needs, and secure for your family.

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