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Jasco In-Wall toggle switch- DIMMER

The Jasco Z-Wave Plus In-Wall Smart Toggle Dimmer Switch adds Z-Wave remote and local On/Off/Dim/Brighten control for a wired light or appliance. The dimmer toggle switch can be installed in single or multi-way wire applications and included in multiple automation scenes. A blue LED indicator leads you to the switch in the dark.


SKU: 46565 Categories: ,


  • Works with dimmable incandescent, LED, CFL, and halogen lighting
  • Supports loads up to 960W, incandescent, 1/2 HP, or 1800W(15A) resistive
  • Range up to 150 ft (line of sight) between the closest Z-wave receiver and wireless controller
  • Suitable for single-pole or multi-pole applications
  • Can be included in multiple automated groups or scenes
  • Uses a standard decorative-size wallplate (sold separately)

The Jasco Z-Wave Plus In-Wall Smart Toggle Dimmer includes QuickFit and SimpleWire features:

QuickFit switches are 20% smaller than older switch models with no break-off tabs to remove. This more compact design makes them ideal for older-style switch boxes, multi-gang configurations, or any other application with limited space.

SimpleWire features include auto-detecting line/load terminals, which simplifies installation by detecting line and load wires and configuring the dimmer accordingly.