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Honeywell Wireless Glass Break

The Honeywell 5853 is a wireless glass break detector that is enhanced with the FlexGuard® feature. All FlexGuard glass break detectors “listen” for not only the high frequencies produced by shattered glass, but also lower frequencies created when an object impacts the glass prior to the glass actually shattering. The 5853 wireless glass break detector also utilizes the FlexCore™ signal processor which processes sound data in parallel rather than sequentially allowing for 50% faster processing. Faster processing allows the Honeywell 5853 to perform Multiple Domain Signal Analysis in which time, frequency and amplitude are all evaluated to determine real alarms from false alarms. The unique combination of FlexGuard technology and FlexCore processing makes the 5853 wireless glass break detector an industry leader in false alarm reduction without sacrificing the detection of a real glass break event.

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SKU: 5853 Categories: , ,


The 5853 wireless glass break detector has a 25′ detection range and should be mounted on a wall opposite the glass being protected. You may also mount the glass break detector on the ceiling but make sure to orient the microphone end (the end with the hole) towards the glass. Optimal detection requires mounting the glass break detector within clear view of the protected glass, at least 6.5′ from the floor and at least 3.3′ from forced air ducts or sirens/bells. Also if the glass has heavy curtains, you must install the device on the actual frame of the glass between the curtain and the glass.

The Honeywell 5853 has (4) different sensitivity settings, selectable by (2) dip switches. With both dip switches in the off position, the glass break will have maximum sensitivity and the full 25′ range. With SENS1 dip switch on and SENS2 dip switch off, the detector will have medium sensitivity and only a 15′ range. With SENS1 dip switch off and SENS2 dip switch on, the 5853 will have low sensitivity and only 10′ range. If you are experiencing false alarm problems, you can set both dip switches to on and the sensor will then have the lowest sensitivity and only a 5′ detection range. As each room has its own specific acoustics, we recommend testing true range with a FlexGuard FG-701 glass break simulator/tester.

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