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Honeywell Smoke Detector

5800SMOKEV is a wireless photoelectric multi-criteria detector capable of detecting smoke, heat, rate of rise and low temperature. It’s designed to provide early detection of smoke and fire, and reduce nuisance alarms. It has improved detection of smoke from common synthetic materials found in many modern home furnishings, which typically burn faster and hotter.


SKU: 5808W3 Categories: , ,


Main Features
  • Meets the UL 268 7th edition standard
  • Built‑in sounder provides clear, audible annunciation during potential incidents and low battery conditions
  • Nuisance alarms are minimized through the use of smoothing algorithms and drift compensation
  • Easy-to-install with sturdy, versatile mounting base and quick battery pull tabs
  • Highly visible LEDs indicate power, sensor trouble, alarm and low battery status
  • Monitored smoke chamber alerts when maintenance is needed
  • Easily accessible test button to check unit functionality