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Honeywell Hardwired FlexGuard Glassbreak Detector

The Honeywell FG1625 is a glass break detector that can be added to any hardwired security system. The FG1625 is part of Honeywell’s IntelliSense family of detection devices. The FG1625 listens for the frequency of broken glass, allow an additional layer of protection for your windows. A maximum range of 25’ allows one glass break detector to protect multiple windows, or even an entire room. With the FG1625, you can detect intruders before they enter your property, as soon as the glass has been breached.

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SKU: FG-1625 Categories: , ,


The Honeywell FG1625 can be mounted on the ceiling, wall opposite the glass, wall adjoining the glass, or even the same wall as the glass, as long as it is within 25’ of the protected surface. The FG1625 is equipped with a FlexCore signal processor, which allows for faster, and more accurate detection. Honeywell’s patented technology allows the FG1625 to accurately evaluate each sound signal and only trigger on true broken glass events, minimizing false alarms. The FG1625 is compatible with all types of glass including but not limited to plate glass, tempered glass, wired glass, laminated glass, film-coated glass, and sealed insulating glass.

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