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DSC LCD Hardwired Keypad for Takeovers

The HS2LCDENGN is the base level, programmable, no frills keypad for the DSC NEO. The HS2LCDENGN also provides english labels on the 5 programmable function keys. The labels are the default settings for these function keys(see image 3 to the left).


SKU: HS2LCDENG N Categories: ,


DSC PowerSeries NEO HS2LCDENGN Full Message LCD Hardwired Keypad with English function keys

This latest version with the “N” suffix is now compatible with both the DSC PowerSeries Neo and the PowerSeries Pro alarm panels.

PowerSeries NEO keypads have quite a few features that make them a great add-on to your NEO burglary detection system. Some of these features include five programmable keys for instant one-button activation of important NEO system functions. The keypads also feature a quick exit feature that alleviates the user’s need to disarm and then rearm the system whenever they leave the building.

The HS2LCDENGN full message keypad is the newest in alpha-numeric readout keypads for the DSC NEO burglary systems. These keypads are what we recommend for a primary keypad because of the ability of this keypad to read out alpha and numeric characters on the screen. The ‘ENG’ model also displays English words instead of icons on the keypad function keys. Since the DSC system’s programming is in alpha-numeric characters, this keypad will make your programming job ten times easier than using one of the ICN keypads to program with.