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Chorus Joins Smart Neighborhood Builder Program

Chorus Joins Smart Neighborhood Builder Program

Alabama Power has selected Chorus SmartSecure to provide the latest SmartHome technologies for its Smart Neighborhood program. Across the state of Alabama, Alabama Power, Chorus, and local builders are working together to develop smart neighborhoods. Each home features innovative security solutions, home automation, voice-activated devices, and energy-efficient appliances and construction giving homeowners simple solutions for control over their home and energy use.

As the SmartHome equipment provider for this Smart Neighborhood Builder program, Chorus provides comprehensive designs that include the latest advancements in SmartHome technologies. By integrating solutions in home automation, security, video surveillance and analytics, and energy management, Chorus applies easy-to-use equipment, world-class service, and technical expertise to enhance the experience for homeowners in these new communities.

Each Home is Comfortable, Convenient, and Connected

Smart neighborhood homes go beyond the scope of basic living. These high-performance homes are built to be comfortable, convenient, and connected — and customized for each homeowner. Programmable thermostats, improved insulation, and heat pump water heaters create an energy-efficient environment for the home, perfect for all seasons. With Chorus SmartSecure’s cutting-edge technology, home features can be easily managed using smart devices and voice activation. Homeowners are connected while at home or away, for constant control over all smart technology solutions.

Three Neighborhoods Currently Under Development

Three smart neighborhoods are currently under development across the state. Located in the Auburn area, Northwoods by Holland Homes features 51 lots for an environmentally conscious approach to the company’s high-quality homes. Also in Auburn, Mimm’s Trail by Harris Doyle Homes has 55 lots for homes built for quality, style, and energy-efficient SmartHome features. Finally, Cedar Rock Farms by Curtis White Companies is located in Leeds and features 21 wooded homesites designed with the latest SmartHome technology. These communities are focused on energy-efficient standards for a wide range of homebuyers.

From home design to SmartHome setup, Alabama Power, Chorus SmartSecure, and these local builders work with homebuyers every step of the way. To see the official press release on this partnership, click here.

For more information on adding SmartHome technology to enhance your home experience, call Chorus at 205.978.1234 or send us a message to find the custom solution that is right for you!

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