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With our SmartHome security, you’ll have a personalized solution designed just for you that’s professionally installed and monitored 24/7.

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Smart security. Made simple.

Introductory SmartHome package, starting as low as $14.99 a month.

Get real time alerts about the things that matter to you most. Our innovative security solutions are designed with sophisticated intelligence, so you won’t have any worries when something unexpected pops up. Plus our video doorbells let you see who is visiting and keep an eye on your property from wherever it’s convenient for You.

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Catch an intruder before they commit the crime!

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Protecting your home is of the utmost importance, and video analytics can help you do just that. Home security systems equipped with this technology will detect suspicious behavior around your property, helping to discourage potential burglars by automatically turning on lights and sounds when necessary. Plus, it’ll give you peace of mind even if you aren’t there in person as these smart cameras monitor for any unusual activity 24/7! So make sure intruders don’t stand a chance – install video analytics into your home today!

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Chorus SmartSecure is your local SmartHome security and home automation company. We pride ourselves on being known for world-class customer service and top-notch home security systems. Want to see how our simple, intuitive SmartHome technology can help make your home more secure?

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Whole Home Protection

Protect on The Go.

Secure your home and take control of its features – from the convenience of your phone! Equip yourself with a robust security system and personalize everything, like lights, locks, cameras…you name it.

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Step into the world of 21st-century living – where you have unprecedented access to constant monitoring and security. Whether it’s keeping an eye on things inside or outside your home, all that’s needed is a glance at your smartphone!

Smart Safety Features

Keep your home safe and secure with Chorus’s amazing smart safety features. From fire detectors to water sensors, thermostats you can control from anywhere – we have it all!

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All product prices include professional installation by a licensed professional.

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Is it time to upgrade your current home security system? Chorus is here to help! No need for costly contracts with high monthly fees. We offer professional, UL listed alarm monitoring that can be tailored specifically for you and your family’s needs – all at a competitive rate of just $14.99/monthly on average! Not only do we provide 24-hour protection throughout the day, but also look out for any weak spots regarding alarm systems installed; ensuring optimal safety within the comfort of our customer’s homes or businesses. At Chorus, rest assured knowing that everything from fire detection devices down to motion sensors will have been taken care of giving peace of mind when needed most

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With years of experience in the Chorus family, our knowledgeable specialists are here to deliver you expert service and awesome results.

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Our team always arrives with a smile, ready to serve you! They've been carefully vetted and come fully licensed for your peace of mind.

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Our employees are well-equipped to provide the best service possible! They undergo an extensive 2,000+ hours of training to gain a comprehensive understanding of our products and services.

Daniel arrived on time and completed the installation in a short amount of time. He was very thorough in explaining how to operate the system. He was also friendly and professional. I will definitely recommend this business to others.

Daniel arrived on time and completed the installation in a short amount of time. He was very thorough in explaining how to operate the system. He was also friendly and professional. I will definitely recommend this business to others.

Renee LeSure

Birmingham, Alabama