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A New Look

You may notice things looking (and sounding) a little different around here.

After a few years in the field, acquiring 4 companies, and a few thousand new customers later, we felt like it was time to do some updating to our brand. And while all of the changes are subtle evolutions from where our brand has been thus far, we didn’t want to act like nothing changed. So let’s talk about the name. You’ll notice that we’ve shortened our name from Chorus SmartSecure to just Chorus. It’s simpler, and we’ve found that everyone we work with already refers to us as that already.

The next thing you’ll see is that our logo has been updated, too. We kept some of the basic elements, like the wifi iconography and the teal and lime green colors. But we updated the logo shape to be a shield. We felt like it better symbolizes how we help you monitor and provide security services for your home. But overall, the goal of changing our logo was to modernize the brand and make it feel simple and approachable for our customers.

And then there’s our tagline. Previously, our tagline has been “we bring harmony to life.” That line made perfect sense when we focused on home security and audio/video services. Our company focused on bringing harmony between all of those systems in your home. But as we have evolved in the past year, we’ve realized that it’s more important than ever to be incredibly focused – both on our customers and on our service lines. So while we still offer some smart A/V products and installations for our customers, our direction as a business is solely toward home security and SmartHome integration.

And that’s why our new tagline is “Smart security. Made simple.” We want to offer great technology for home security while also demystifying the home automation process for our customers. It’s our objective, every day, to make home security and home automation incredibly simple. That’s why we professionally install everything for our customers. It’s why we help setup and integrate all of your systems into one, easy-to-use app. And it’s why we consistently get 4.8 out of 5 stars on Google reviews.

The final step in the process was the creation of a completely new website, which you’re reading this blog post on right now.

So what you see might be a little different, what you experience from the service and sales professionals at Chorus never will. We will always do whatever it takes to provide our customers with world-class service and high-quality home security.

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