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5 Steps to Protecting Your Home for The Holidays

5 Steps to Protecting Your Home for The Holidays

1. Simplify your routine.

In the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, we forget to lock the door, arm the alarm, and shut the garage. Don’t worry: we have solutions for you.

Our innovative SmartHome technologies allows you to secure your home with a single smartphone command as you leave or while you are away. Through the app, you can lock your doors, arm your security system, close the garage doors, turn off the lights, and set your thermostat to conserve energy.

If you forget to arm your system or lock the door, our Geo-services feature sends you a reminder.

2. Keep a watchful eye.

Have peace of mind knowing that your home is monitored with a watchful eye. Our security cameras with video analytics allow you to not only know that an event happened at your home, but they intelligently classify the moving object as a person, animal, or vehicle. Your cameras can even turn on your smart lights to surprise a potential intruder.

3. Automate your Holiday lights.

Have you experienced a time where you get in bed, are driving down the road, and wondered if you cut off the Christmas lights? Now you don’t have to turn around, get out of bed or worry, whether you light up the neighborhood or have one tree in the living room you can control all of your lights from your phone. Through our smart lighting solutions, you can program your lights to follow a certain schedule, control them from across the room or from around the world.

4. Protect your packages.

Let’s face it, online shopping eases the pressure of finding the perfect gift by avoiding crowds and helping you protect your family by remaining socially distant. However, the packages piling up on your doorstep can cause a little uneasiness as well. A video doorbell, smart lock, and outdoor cameras can help keep your packages monitored.

When a delivery driver rings your doorbell or walks past a camera, you will instantly receive a notification on your smartphone. With this notification, you can either communicate to the delivery driver through your video doorbell or unlock your door and let the driver place your packages inside.

5. Enjoy a warm and cozy home.

After a long day at the office, hunting for the perfect gift, or driving the kids all over town the last thing you want to do is walk into a cold home. With smart thermostats and SmartHome automation, you can enter a warm and cozy home while saving money and remaining energy efficient.

How does it work? Through geofencing, SmartHome integrations, and our thermostats, you simply program the heat to come on a few minutes before you get out of bed in the morning, have it turn off when you leave the house, and turn back on when you are a few miles from home. We make it easy, so you will never walk into a cold home again.

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